Conditions of Use

Read carefully the Conditions of Use of our e-shop.
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This is an informative – business system of “Marvin Ltd”. The company has the right to change the content and the way of access of information, to stop its use at the time of illegal access, at the time of improper actions and such that contradict the laws in the country. Every registered user is bound by the present conditions for the whole period of using the shop, from the login to the logout.

Necessary conditions for placing an order:

1. Registration in the e-shop.
2. Valid e-mail.
3. Correctly filled addresses for delivery and invoicing.
4. Correctly filled contact details.
The activation of the order of a specific product is made by clicking on the “go to checkout” button.
The action is an expression of willingness which binds with the power of a contract the customer and “Marvin Ltd”, Sliven.
When placing an order, you will receive a confirmation letter on the appointed by you e-mail address.
The e-shop administrator will contact you by phone to specify the time of delivery.

When the option “cash on delivery” is chosen, the customer is obliged to pay the products to the bearer at the moment of delivery,
while selecting a “Delivery after Bank Transfer” we expect payment to a bank account: Raiffeisenbank BIC: RZBBBGSF; IBAN: BG31RZBB91551062049216.
Use your order number as reference. Your order will not be executed until we get the translation.


The customers of the shop does not have the right to:
1. Copy, distribute or use texts, pictures, or parts of the site, without the explicit permissions of “Marvin Ltd”.
2. Use the “download” function for any information in
3. Overload the system with fictitious orders or any other information (flood).
4. Take screenshots of without the explicit permissions of “Marvin Ltd”.

This e-shop consists of links to other web sites. “Marvin Ltd” does not bear responsibility for their content.