“De facto” Cabernet Merlot Syrah, vintage 2011

0.75 l. Thick, beautiful dark ruby ​​color. Attractive and mature nose with hints of smoke, black fruit and roasted plum. The taste is of sweet spices, a touch of vanilla, with ripe tannins. A delicate finish with subtle hints of smoky wood and ripe black fruits.

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“De facto” Rose

0.75 l. The bright and vivid peach color with shades of "salmon" prepares you for the unusual flavors of ripe red berries, raspberry and small white flowers. The wine is rounded and juicy, with a good sweet part, soft freshness and structure as well as a delicate fruity finish. 100% made of Cabernet Sauvignon.

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“De facto” Chardonnay-Viognier-Sauvignon Blanc

0.75 l. A clear, luminous lemon color with light green hues. The nose is seductive with accents of apricot, ripe citrus fruit and in the background - nuts, raisins and smoke. Fresh, rounded body with hints of caramel and notes of candied citrus crust. A pleasant greasiness and long, warming finish.

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“De facto” Pinot Noir, vintage 2013

0.75 l. Intense, sour cherry color. A complex varietal nose with accents of sour cherry, roasted plums and red fruit with a pleasant, mild sweetness. The taste is juicy and spicy, reminiscent of ripe and sweet cherry. Medium to full bodied with fine soft tannin structure and a memory of sweet fruit.

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“De facto” Sauvignon Blanc

0.75 l. A shimmering color with light green hues. Sweet floral nose, slightly smoky with good intensity of citrus, honey and subtle hints of lychees. Rounded body with a pleasant sweetness and soft freshness, a calm finish with a memory of tropical fruit and hints of gooseberry.

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“Merendera Cabernet-Syrah”

0.75 l. A very intense purple color. “Refined” varietal nose with soft black fruit, small flowers and sweet spices. Preserved fruit character in the taste with accents of chokeberry and juicy ripened fruit. A fresh, tight body with a good extraction and soft tannins until the finish.

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“Merendera Merlot-Pinot Noir”

0.75 l. Vivid, dense purple color and a warm nose with hints of roasted plums and vanilla, smoked with sour cherry accents. The taste is of attractive spicy notes and ripe fruit, sweet spices, and the finish is soft and sweet.

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“Merendera Cabernet-Merlot”

0.75 l. Intense, saturated purple color, the nose is powerful with seductive accents of juicy red fruit, sour cherry and piquant spices. The taste is reminiscent of dry fruit, combined with a delicate and warm finish, and with hints of ripe blackberry and plums.

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“Merendera Rose”

0.75 l.

A pale pink "salmon" color, luminous and alive.

Fruity and attractive nose.

Round and juicy, with a good sweet part and a long, aromatic and sweet finish with a memory of vanilla and ripe red berries.

The finish is pleasantly fresh and memorable.

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“Merendera Viognier-Sauvignon Blanc”

0.75 l. A clear shimmering, pale lemon color with light green hues. Discreet nose with sweet notes of dried apricot and herbal accents. Citrus with accents of grapefruit peel and peach in the taste. A rounded body with a soft, fresh and fruity, slightly warming finish.

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“Merendera Chardonnay-Viognier”

0.75 l. The wine has a pale gold color, with gloss and light greens. A delicately spicy nose with hints of citrus and subtle floral accents. The taste is round and soft, reminiscent of ripe apricot, combined with discreet notes of smoke and citrus, and with freshness in the finish.

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